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Our Story

Real estate is our passion, the reason why Mileno Holdings, a full service commercial real estate firm headquartered in India, has become synonymous with professionalism, experience, and unrivaled trustworthiness. As real estate experts, we are well aware that time is money, but money can’t return your time. Hence it’s imperative to ensure maximum ROI on every real estate investment that you make. Mileno Holdings can promise the most bang for your buck through a comprehensive range of occupier and investor services that work in congruence buyers, renters, tenants, and sellers. With focus on reliability, responsiveness, and client satisfaction, we can help navigate the complex process of commercial property buying, selling, renting and leasing with ease and confidence.

Mileno Holdings Advantage

Our point of difference is simple — we’re investors ourselves and completely understand what a client wants from a property manager. Our role is not limited to administrative services. We provide expertise and strategies that maximize ROI and limits risks. We seek to generate attractive and risk-adjusted returns for you across multiple real estate cycles, and for a long term.

Mileno Holdings team of specialist commercial and residential property managers help occupiers and developers solve complex real estate challenges with integrated property services. We have extensive experience across various sectors of global property market, and can boast of strong record of maximizing ROI and minimizing operating costs.

How can we help you?

At Mileno Holdings , we serve our clients through three business lines — Property Investment, Letting or Renting, and Property Management.

Property Investment

Our seasoned real estate specialists, our focus is on you, the investor, and not the vendor. Mileno Holdings experts can minimize your outlays and maximize the performance of your investments. We analyze more than 500 properties in prime property investment markets across the world.

Letting or renting a property

Mileno Holdings’s renting experts can help find what exactly you are looking for — whether that’s a comfortable home, a spacious workspace/warehouse, a reliable tenant, or just a relevant advice. We’ll work with you at every step of the way to make sure you find the home/commercial space or tenant that matches your requirements.

Property Management

Whether you own an ancestral home, a newly bought penthouse, or a roomy workspace/warehouse, we’ll help you take care of investments and tenants.

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